Which sneakers would Luke Skywalker wear?

In a galaxy far, far away…

Don’t worry, you are still in the foot District blog! And as usual, we’re going to talk about sneakers: this Vans x Star Wars just had to be reviewed!

At Vans they had done their best to please Star Wars fans. They even shot a spot just for this collection. Can you picture Chewacca skating? Here it is!


Anyway, whether you liked the spot or not, there’s no doubt this Star Wars Vans are really special. Firstly, Vans went for the Slip On model, probably because they have more space for the print, since they have no laces. On it we can see ports of the original movie poster of “A New Hope”. The forces of the dark side are together on the left sneaker… coincidence? :).


Vans-guerra-de-las-galaxias      Vans-Slip-On-Star-Wars-VXG8DJK_7

The rest of the sneaker comes in black, with the characteristic white sole. The upper comes in canvas, with a leather area on the inside for improved comfort and durability. In addition, the sneakers show the slogan “Vans off the wall” on the heel.

Vans-Star-Wars      Vans-off-the-wall

Secondly, Vans decided to include in this special edition another classic model, the Vans U Era Star Wars, with a shape similar to the Slip On but this time with laces. This model shows a comic pattern with different characters from the saga, done in different vintage, soft colours.


This colour mix on the canvas upper stands out even more thanks to the white on the sole, with the classic horizontal black line and the brand’s logo on the heel.

vans-u-era-star-wars-w3cdjl_5_1 vans-u-era-star-wars-w3cdjl_7_1

Finally, and to finish off this galactic pack, they decided to add the most versatile and successful by the californian brand, the Vans U Authentic Star Wars. These Vans show a two-coloured pattern, combining black and white in a very special way.


This print we mentioned is based on a “bandana” pattern, where different silhouettes of the helmets used by Stormtroopers have been blended, creating a spectacular result.

vans-u-authentic-star-wars-w4ndji_5 vans-u-authentic-star-wars-w4ndji_6

And one more detail that Vans uses to pay tribute to the epic George Lucas saga is the design that decorates the sneaker boxes. Vans decided to leave the usual black and red to include the original poster of “A New Hope”, on which we can read “Star Wars by Vans


Whether you are a fan or not, this Star Wars Vans will surely surprise you. What’s more, you probably know some hard-core fan of the saga… what are you waiting for to share it with them? :D.