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adidas Torsion

adidas Torsion

Torsion technology has become one of the key points of the adidas identity, a symbol of the brand's sporting innovation. The adidas Torsion emerged in the late 1980s with a unique performance system to give the trefoil brand the throne it deserves on the running scene.

How does Torsion technology work?

It was the 1980s and adidas was looking to stand out from its competitors in the running market. It was in1987 that the brand introduced the Torsion System technology, a system whose process and operation left athletes all over the world speechless. The shoes with this technical feature incorporate a bar called the Torsion Bar in the central area of the sole, acting as a kind of bridge between the front and back of the silhouette. In this way, the energy flows through this piece and is completely transmitted to all areas of the foot, making each step give off an instantaneous retrun impulse . In addition, Torsion Bar allows both front and back parts of the shoe to act and move independently, which means an added bonus of flexibility.

Revolution on the track and in the street

The adidas Torsion have marked a turning-point in the world of athletics, creating a new must-have for runners that satisfies all their needs and improves their performance. The German brand has designed adidas Torsion for men and women, with different colors and styles, combining materials and offering a multitude of options. Its impeccable style has made the streetwear scene join in on the hype of the Torsion, implanting it in in urban fashion as an iconic lifestyle shoe from the trefoil brand.



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