adidas Forum 84 High OG sparks our nostalgia

35 years later, adidas has decided to bring back the adidas Forum 84 High OG Bright Blue. The original colorway is applied throughout the sneaker, making it a must-have for 2021.

When the adidas Forum went on sale back in 1984, they were an instant success, not only on basketball courts, but also on the streets. Although it may seem somewhat inconceivable today, when adidas fixed its price to 100 dollars— approximately 82 euros — in the 80s, it made the Forums become a status symbol available to few.

It was Jacques Chassaing who created them. The designer attended a great quantity of basketball games to make sure it was the perfect sneaker. From its first launch, the adidas Forum dominated the court, changing the game forever.

This basketball sneaker is available in its inaugural shape and color. In addition, the pair includes a vintage treatment that makes the silhouette look like the original one from 1984.

How could it be otherwise, the sneaker features the iconic three stripes of adidas, which this time are made of blue suede on the center panel. On the other hand, they incorporate blue leather on the ankle and more of that same suede on the heel.

In compensation, the leather upper displays an “off-white” tone trimmed with yellowish exposed foam. The cream-colored laces continue to accentuate the retro aesthetic.  

These sneakers celebrate the integrity and history of the Forum in style. The same strap. The same details. Clearly, this iteration sparks nostalgia by recalling one of the most iconic sneakers in history.


You can now find the adidas Forum 84 High OG Bright Blue available at Foot District.