Alife x adidas bring the Nizza straight from the 70s

The adidas Nizza were created to run the basketball courts. Over the years, their skills have however proven to be far beyond the boundaries of the pitch. This year’s adidas x Alife collection is the best evidence for it.  

nizza FD

Released in 1975, the adidas Nizza quickly became one of the greatest players on the basketball field. Not a lot of time had passed when the audience welcomed them into their wardrobes. This model’s aesthetic boasts sophistication and minimalism, two qualities that have consolidated a completely timeless look. Their design features the legendary 3-Stripes backstitched on the sides, standing out on a sober upper. The contrasting rim around the midsole has been preserved over the years, guaranteeing a vintage touch. Last but not least, the unmistakable toe cap styles itself as one of the most distinctive characteristics of the Nizza. However, some versions slightly undergo some changes, like a color variation on the sole or the toe cap, that reaches from white to caramel. 


Simplicity and efficiency

Their performance cannot lag behind. The Nizza incorporate the most updated design technology, with a manufacture that enhances ventilation and is highly wear-resistant. Their canvas fabric delivers an extremely light and breathable shoe, perfect for warm summer days. Furthermore, their OrthoLite insoles provides your feet with the maximum comfort, keeping them always dry and protected from sweat, preventing bacterial growth. Another plus is their flexibility, promising an even greater freedom of movement.  


Now, the New Yorker brand Alife teamed up with adidas to bring to life their own reedition of the emblematic Nizza. The resulting version of this collaboration boasts badges on the sides with Alife’s logo, outlined against a monochromatic style. Their discreet appearance highlights the diminutive ©2020 on the toe. Also all the other original details stay around. The adidas x Alife Nizza come in a high-top version and two different colorways: black and yellow. 


Get your adidas x Alife Nizza now and bring back the wonderful look of the 70s.