Arcade, MCQ’s second icon

MCQ presents its second icon, ARCADE. The collection reframes the rave culture from a technological and futuristic perspective that doesn’t understand nostalgia. Advanced materials, classic silhouettes and an industrial and digital aesthetic define this proposal that reaffirms MCQ’s identity.


In Arcade, different personalities and collectives from the electronic music scene, the design and audiovisual arts worlds team up to reinvent the rave culture from a futuristic point of view. The collection (or icon, as known inside of MCQ), features classic patterns modernized by the use of very advanced textiles. They’re indeed garments that we already know, but adding an innovative touch. For instance, a good example is their bomber with detachable sleeves or their parka with hook-and-loop patches for a more personalized fit. In addition, the graphics stand out with a digital aesthetic from iridescent finishes and similar effects, ready to make you glow under the nightclub’s neon lights.


Behind Arcade

Arcade’s contributors share common aesthetics and principles. Firstly, the soundtrack of the campaign is in Async Figure’s hands. Secondly, Yuen Hsieh is the creative director of photography and videography. Harry Lambert is behind the stylings. Tag Club in Chengdu provided the space and the DJ and producer Tzusing was in charge of the line-up. Duncan Loudon directs the teaser. Ewen Spencer took care of documenting the youth and subcultures that have a presence inside the collection, including the participating figures. The Pantone Color Institute registered one of MCQ’s own colors called Hypeliliac. Everledger was the supplier of the Blockchain technology included in the garments. And as a last particularity, David Rudnik from Terrain worked as consultant art director with MCQ.


In addition, if you would like to know more about what is behind MCQ, we tell you more about it on the post MCQ: a new agent of change in luxury streetwear.

You can find the ARCADE collection from MCQ at Foot District.