Dickies: from mineworkers clothing to your favorite pants

Dickies’ emblematic horseshoe went from being a symbol on working uniforms to proudly decorating T-Shirts, pants and accessories. And this was not a transition, it was an expansion. This streetwear icon is still the brand that dresses the staff from millions of companies across the world.Dickies Pants

In order to relate Dickies’ history in-depth, we would need to talk at length about the business strategies and the social context that gradually drove their growth from their origins in the 20s. But let’s stick to the important facts. The company was first founded as a bib overall company for Texas’ manual workers, and in the late 50s already had become an international clothing company with presence in the entire United States, Europe and the Middle East.

During their trajectory, Dickies implemented avant-garde designs, like permanent press or copper button closure, ideas that already are a common denominator on workwear. The digits speak for their success. Half of the workers wear Dickies, specially used by restaurants staff; it is the forth most sold brand among men and rules in the automotive industry’s pants and shirts.

Dickies History

The boom of the workwear

In the last years, the workwear boom established by brands like Vetements or Junya Watanabe originated a new interest in companies that specialize on working clothing. So Dickies started to receive a different attention from how it had been seen in previous decades, achieving a new status and expanding its functionality to new contexts. The brand first hit the skaters, visionary collective in the streetwear, who started to wear Dickies 874 due to the garment’s resistance and quality. Shortly after, the iconic pants reached the music scene, featured on stage by multiple rappers and rockers like Gwen Stefani or Tupac in the 80s and 90s.

Celebrities Dickies

Despite their new trendiness, Dickies has never let this affect their workwear game. The brand has never shown any special interest in attracting new collectives and generations, but stays true to their roots and customers. They have collaborated with streetwear brands like Stüssy and Converse and luxury brands like Opening Ceremony, but they have never neglected their original essence, the supply of working clothing, achieving an organic incursion in fashion. Construct, Dickies’ “testing ground” achieved the celebrity status with a strategy that Carhartt also shows off in their WIP line. The DNA prevails.

Skaters Dickies

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