Lacoste x National Geographic brings out the wild side of the French firm.

Lacoste and National Geographic come together to celebrate the beauty of the jungle with an eco-friendly collection capsule. Here, animal prints become the main protagonists.

Lacoste’s famous crocodile exhibits its wildest phase in this new collaboration with National Geographic and its photographic program Photo Ark. It is a series of limited edition pieces that are based on the most emblematic patterns of the French firm and reinterprets them with a polished dose of animal print.


The Photo Ark project is directed by Joel Sartore, a popular photographer and National Geographic collaborator who is in charge of documenting different marine and land animal species from zoos, natural reserves and aquariums from around the world. Sartore’s archives have been the source of inspiration for this Lacoste collection. Firstly, the brand has investigated the 10.5000 species documented by the award-winning photographer. Later, Lacoste team has chosen four of them to take as reference in the creation of this capsule. The Blue Poison Arrow Frog (Dendrobates Azureus), the Grévy Zebra (Equus grevyi) , the Halloween Dragonfly (Celithemis eponina), and the Jaguar (Panthera onca) are the animals that have inspired the collection.

The beauty of wildlife

National Lacoste

From these animals, Lacoste has created different graphic prints. So they try to capture, with the highest possible fidelity, the essence of these four species in the garments of this collection. As a result, each of the pieces has a special label. In this label, you can read more detailed information about the animal from which it has been inspired.

Did you know that most poisonous Arrow frogs are not poisonous at all? or that the Halloween dragonfly gets its creepy name from the orange tones of its wings? or even that the jaguar’s spots are called rosettes? and that, although leopards also have them, only the jaguar has spots inside its spots?” explains the brand.

National Geographic

In addition, the Lacoste x National Geographic collection is made from sustainable or recycled materials, taking maximum care of the environment and betting on eco-friendly fashion. It’s in conclusion an ode to the magnificence of nature. A creative statement about our responsibility to care for and protect the environment.

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