Latest in Streetwear: The Return of the Fleece Jacket

Outdoor clothing has become one of the most influential streetwear trends of our time. We remember trail boots and puffer coats designed for the snowy mountains, hiker’s fanny packs and sunglasses for outdoor cycling. Its foothold in urban fashion is unstoppable and ubiquitous, and for some time now we have been living (and enjoying) one of the most talked about revivals in fashion. Welcome to the return of the fleece jacket.

Polar Fleece

The fleece jacket has always been an essential item for hikers and nature lovers. In the street and day to day, however, it was reserved for weekend plans, prejudged by the prevailing fashion and marked as a look that was too sporty or informal. Now, the change has been radical. The fleece jacket has been reinterpreted by a host of retailers, but also by sportswear giants and haute couture fashion brands.The garment has followed the nature of the fashion cycles in which we live, with pieces that were relegated to the darkness of our parents’ wardrobes since the 1980s and has moved to the forefront of the most fashion-conscious streetwear scene of our time.

This is yet another example of how streetwear has broken down barriers between fashion and sport. We welcome the technical and athletic aspects with open arms, and can only be grateful for them: the pieces in this category have always pursued functionality, comfort, and protection, and if we can apply them to our daily outfits we have a perfect fusion between design and practicality. Comfort and style. The fleece jacket is soft, comfortable, and warm, with all the features we are looking for in a winter jacket.

Polar Fleece

The origin of the fleece jacket goes back to the late 1970s when Patagonia and Malden Mills (Polartec) joined together to launch the new material. The ingredients were perfect and success was guaranteed. A comfortable garment, light, warm, easy to clean, and to combine with other garments, loose, and versatile. Initially called Synchilla and later Fleece, the material ended up becoming one of the distinguishing features of Patagonia. In fact, the brand is not only a leader in the market for having cleverly added this garment to its line, but for having created the original, and for never ceasing to manufacture it. Also Columbia, among other outdoor brands, is another one of the principal brands that we inevitably associate with the fleece jacket.

Polar Fleece
Those who have jumped on this trend band wagon surprisingly include high fashion houses like Balenciaga or Lanvin and retailers such as Uniqlo. Nowadays, there are exclusive, premium, and high-priced versions of the fleece jacket. At the same time, there are also plenty of fleece jackets to be found in any general shop in your local mall or town center. There’s a fleece jacket for everyone, because it seems that every target audience can’t get enough of it. It is interesting that, even though it is a piece of clothing with a somewhat simple look about it, a bit effortless with style taking second place to utility, nevertheless, various music artists, important fashion celebrities and influencers in today’s culture have already picked out their fleece jacket and been seen wearing it with pride. The truth is that, given the boom of Y2K fashion and urban looks, it is undeniable that ugliness is at its best.

At Foot District, we offer you fleece jackets that epitomize all the reasons for their comeback, faithful to the retro essence and modernized with new designs, styles and patterns. Surrender to the classic style of Columbia, the vintage spirit of The North Face, and the elegance of Aimé Leon Dore.