Meeting Serena Pink aka @throughpinkgoggles

Under the pseudonym @throughpinkgogglesSerena Pink has found on Instagram the best tool to give voice to her great passion and her identity. Woman, black, plus size, mother of two children and streetwear lover. Her publications demonstrate that behind some sneakers with a lot of hype, there can be a more intimate and personal vision, a social commitment and a revindication. We talk with her about her sneakerhead side and her point of view about the industry.

Serena Pink

How did your passion for sneakers start?

My passion for sneakers started from the age of 11. I remember going into JD sports and wanting every pair! From that point onwards I always asked for a pair of sneakers for Christmas and birthdays.

You reflect this passion on your Instagram. Do you think that social media has helped create a community of sneakerheads/ followers of urban fashion?

Yes, I do a lot of my sneaker friends I met on IG, we meet up all the time for pickups, take pictures for the gram together and just have a good time hanging out. IG has also helped with connecting me to other sneakerheads worldwide its amazing.

Up to what extent do you think that social media has influenced brands to start hiring more women, black people or more plus size bodies?

If I’m honest, I think brands have started to take the initiative to start using plus size women for campaigns, but I do not see a lot of plus size black women being hired for these campaigns. I also fail to see a lot of plus size women that look like me in campaigns or publications or even modelling on their sites. A lot of the women they use are on the smaller side of plus size and I feel there needs to be a change in this.


Do you think the streetwear industry is really changing towards a more diverse scene?

No, I tend to still see the same images of people circulating around the streetwear scene I also do not feel as though the streetwear industry caters for plus size bodies at all! I am yet to see any plus size influencers like myself reposted on the big streetwear/sneaker platforms. In general, black women are not represented at all on these platforms and this needs to change.

What responsibility do retailers and media have to give visibility to different bodies and genders? What do we have to do to evolve?

I think retailers and the media have a big responsibility. A lot of kids create their identities by what models they see in shops and what they see online and in magazines and blogs, there needs to be much more body inclusivity and real bodies represented on these platforms. This will help a lot of the kids not feel as though they have to look a certain way to be beautiful or feel pretty. Again, there need to be more black men/women represented on these platforms too.


Finally, some questions about sneakers… What sneakers would you like to have and haven’t got?

This is hard but I will name a few lol: Jordan 1 Union Black toe, Off-White Prestos OG and all white and Jordan 1 LA/CHI

Any collaborations that you dream of coming true?

I would love for the Jordan/Nike Brand to collaborate with Teyana Taylor (@teyanataylor), she is one of style icons and would love to see what amazing shoes she creates.

Imagine that you can only save one pair of sneakers, which model would you choose?

This is very hard, I think if I had to save 1 it would be my Sean Wotherspoon’s Air Max 1/97 because these were my very first pair of “hyped” shoes and I they definitely show my personality. Knowing me I would try and save my whole collection if I could lol.