NemeN marks a before and an after in technical gear

NemeN leads a new era of technical wear, developing unprecedented levels of complexity. The brilliant mind behind the Milan-based brand is Leonardo Fasolo.  


When the streetwear boom hit Italy, Leonardo discovered brands such as Stüssy and started to experiment with their garments at the early age of ten to craft new designs. Years later, he moved to Milan to study fashion at IED. Once he began with his studies, Leo had the opportunity to get to know big fashion celebrities, like Stone Island’s creative director and president, Carlo Rivetti. 

Right after graduating in 2005, he began to work at Stone Island. It was then when he met Paul Harvey, who he considers to be one of the most talented designers in the last 30 years. 

Foot District

After his time at C.P. Company and Massimo Osti’s archive, Leonardo felt the need to start up his own project. So he did not hesitate twice and decided to partner with Finest Cloth, a design studio specialized in sportswear clothing, to found NemeN. 

The constant development, the search for new applications and the high-quality production are three of the core pillars that succeeded in characterizing NemeN for the excellence that usually lacks in the frenetic fashion industry. 


Beyond the prices

The brand is found upon Massimo Osti’s own formula, featuring avant-garde technology to create experimental outwear. And certainly expanding the artistic expression through fashion. 

Unfortunately, every time the brand gets mentioned, it is not unlikely that someone questions its high prices. The reason is very simple though. Each piece is manufactured in Italy, where they are carefully dyed by several complex processes.

Nevertheless, fashion is not always about selling millions of pieces, but more about creating something valuable. Furthermore, a significant fact about the brand is that they craft their garments from the highest quality fibers and threads. After being dyed, they provide a supreme result. 


In conclusion, NemeN’s utility driven design has undoubtedly marked a turning point, becoming a concept more than a brand.   

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