Pyer Moss x Reebok | Political activism in a luxury streetwear coup

Last year we witnessed the magic that emanated from the newly-formed union between Reebok and Pyer Moss. The two brands joined forces during FW18 to reinvent sportswear patterns with the unmistakable identity of Pyer Moss founder, Kerby Jean-Raymond, unleashing a total revolution in the fashion ecosystem. The huge wave began to be felt during New York Fashion Week, with the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn as the choice setting to reveal the collection that starred in fashion media news around the world.

The Pyer Moss FW19 show featured the Reebok x PM 3 and 3.5 collections on the catwalk, with the emblematic Trail Fury crushing the establishment in every step. And as a warm up of the fashion show, the big news was announced that Haitian-American designer Kerby Jean-Raymond was appointed artistic director of the new line Reebok Studies, an innovative initiative committed to becoming one of the driving forces in the streetwear scene.

Pyer Moss

The Reebok x Pyer Moss 3 and 3.5 collection was presented as a new chapter in Jean-Raymond’s activism campaign. This time, the creative director was inspired by “Sankofa”, a Twi concept of the Akan tribe in Ghana that proclaims the idea that, in order to understand the future, we must look to the past. The symbol of this philosophy is a bird with its head back and an egg in its mouth, a graphic that is featured in the designs of some of the garments in the collection.

With this new collection, Pyer Moss once again uses fashion as a loudspeaker to call attention to his political principles and to the struggle against racial discrimination and oppression suffered throughout history. Each part of the structure of the Trail Fury sneakers tells a human story and shouts a deeper message. The “fender” panel recounts the battle and rise of those minorities who have been limited and stomped on by a dominant elite. The toe, heel and central sides represent excess, luxury and glamour from subtle, shimmering gems. The last layer is the contained emotion, which is embodied in the inner area of the shoe. An architectural collage that unites under a social conscience and a vibrant aesthetic, which inevitably evokes tracksuits of the 1980s and the looks of the New York City subcultures of that time.

Pyer Moss Runway

The Reebok x Pyer Moss 3 collection includes amazing remasterings of retro patterns, colorful prints, licentiousness, and streetwear luxury. An avant-garde wave that invites us to explore the future from a visit to the past guided by Pyer Moss. The capsule will go on sale this Saturday, November 2nd, at 12:00AM CET online and in the Foot District stores in Barcelona and Madrid at 11:00AM.