Terra Project i: Coast Clean-up w/ Ocean52

Terra Project is an initiative created by Foot District in collaboration with Nike ACG that aims to reconnect youth with natural spaces through different outdoor experiences. The first activity of this project has been carried out in collaboration with Ocean52. This is how the day went.


The goal of Terra Project is to make the needs of our planet known. To bring sustainability closer to the youngest. And we want to do it in a different way, through a series of authentic outdoor experiences. Our plan is not to force anyone to lead a sustainable life. We want to revolutionize our relationship with natural spaces, reconcile ourselves with them. Only then, will we understand the care that our environment requires.

 Cleaning the coastline by kayak with Ocean52

Last Saturday, December 19, 2020, the first activation of the Terra Project took place, focused on the ocean. We had the collaboration of Ocean52, the only beverage company that allocates 52% of its profits to the ocean protection.

‘Terra Project: coast clean-up in kayak’ hosted a comprehensive agenda focused on protecting the ocean. The guests enjoyed a beach cleaning session in Barcelona, specifically on the San Sebastià beach. The day started with a waste collection, both in the sand and in the water, this last one with the participants paddling in kayaks guided by the adventurer and kayaker Rai Puig, ambassador of Ocean52.

Lastly, the participants enjoyed a final meeting to share experiences and learn information about the protection of our seas and oceans. Each of them received a surprise gift from Foot District and Nike ACG.

Among the attendees were the winners from the previous draw that was made between those who had registered for the activity, along with special guests like Daniela Blume, Cora Novoa, Owl or Mariona Pujol, among others. Part of the Foot District, ACG and Ocean52 teams also attended.


The result

It was shocking to see the amount of waste that was rescued from the coast, especially the 3 kilos of sanitary napkins, plastic bottles, plastic caps, sticks from the ear buds, microplastics and even tupperware or children’s toys. In total, almost 10 kilograms of waste were collected which, thanks to the guests, were removed from the environment, thus preventing them from reaching the sea.

Plastic is the largest component of marine garbage. Every second, approximately 400kg of plastic are dumped into the seas and oceans. It is already hard to find any marine species free of plastic, and part of them end up being ingested by us humans through the food chain. The ocean provides 2/3 of the oxygen we breathe. A healthy ocean is essential for our survival on the planet.

Thanks to this first activation, both they and other volunteers will have their own beach cleaning kit. Support will be given to other ocean protection projects, such as those carried out by the Vellmarí Association, led by Manu San Felix.

This was just the beginning of the initiative. New adventures, different terrains and great learnings are ahead. During 2021, the Terra Project will host a series of experiences willing to revolutionize our relationship with nature. So keep an eye on the social media of @footdistrict!

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