The North Face ‘Steep Tech’ brings back the 90s ski style

The North Face re-edits the iconic collection ‘Steep Tech’ released in the early 90s, reawakening the nostalgia for skiing gear from decades ago.

‘Steep Tech’ isn’t anything new. The collection came to light first in 1991, marking a turning point in the evolution of the ski trend. It is one of the first collections that The North Face designed especially for athletes, and its success caused its manufacture for the next seven years, until 1998.

During all this time, Scot Schmidt was the most popular figure in the ski scene. His characteristic style, successful career and stunning performance in Warren Miller’s Extreme Team films made him a real legend. The athlete was the responsible for Steep Tech’s smash, since the trust he placed in these garments signified an unbeatable assurance of the collection’s performance and quality.

Now, The North Face takes back ‘Steep Tech’ by popular petition of specialized retailers. The collection features the same patterns and designs and adds up a more modern and defined touch. Garments specific for snowed mountains and extreme climate are updated without losing their retro essence. The collection includes short-sleeve T-Shirts, pants, sweatshirts, jackets, fleeces, vests, puffers and accessories. This time, Steep Tech’s goal goes beyond meeting the skiers’ needs. The collection comes back willing to conquer the city.

From the mountain to the city

All the ‘Steep Tech’s garments are manufactured from The North Face’s well-known cutting-edge technology. The line integrates the latest technology in textiles, high-quality materials and patterns that stay true to the landscapes where the collection was first created. Waterproof, breathable, comfortable and functional winter clothing. A series of pieces that make clear that in gorpcore ground The North Face occupies the throne.

Get now the The North Face ‘Steep Tech’s collection.

Creative & Styling: @gothic__sport
Styling assistant: @alfred.vivas
Models: Holy, Marta, René & Katia⠀