What’s behind the React technology?

The React technology has been one of Nike’s most important innovations in the running scene. This new creation already set itself as the first competitor of the adidas Boost, the most acclaimed technology by the athletes nowadays. Keep reading to find out why.

react foam

The Nike React foam is a revolutionary advance. This system offers a reactive energy return with an ultralight grip. The sneaker keeps its lightness whilst bouncing back to its original state in each step. Furthermore, their design is developed around its technology’s great durability.


The React technology has one of Nike’s principles as a hallmark: “The best innovations are preceded by listening to the athletes themselves”. In fact, in order to realize it, Nike inverted more than 27.000 covered kilometers and more than 2.000 activity hours. The React foam encloses the help of a lot of field research, studying the athlete’s needs, investigating their movements and strength and paying special attention to their directions and changes of rhythm and speed.

And the final result says it all. The React material is specifically crafted to deliver more cushioning on deepest areas and more consistency on more superficial parts. Its elasticity, resistance and smoothness, plus their cushioning’s care, make the sneakers featuring a React midsole one of the most demanded models by runners. And the best part is that they are not only suitable for fast running.


Covered in any situation

In addition to this, the React technology is able to adapt to multiple models to help you in any sports activity. This is one of the greatest pros of Nike’s new invention. Among the React imaginary, you will find many different models. They have diverse aesthetics to satisfy all tastes and with alternative designs made for every kind of sport. In all of them, the technology remains the same, leaving the benefits intact.

Another of the most recognized qualities is its capacity to resist different climate conditions. For street runners, especially vulnerable to weather conditions, it is important to find certainty regarding the resistance of the shoe to rain, to burning summer asphalt or to colder grounds. But no worries, the React foam has got you covered.

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