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With over 80 years of history, Columbia Sportswear has spent a lifetime creating outdoor sports equipment for adventurers around the world. Its principles of sustainability, its rebellious spirit, and its focus on quality, innovation and design have made it a global leader in the market. In recent years, the brand's strong identity has led it to produce everyday cold-weather clothing, thanks to its versatile style, its unsurpassed manufacturing, and its company values.

Gert Boyle: History of a Legend

Gert Boyle has been leading the company for almost 50 years, and her inspiring attitude has forever been embedded in the brand's values. Columbia's history dates back to 1938, when Gert Boyle's parents immigrated from Germany to Portland fleeing the Nazi regime. There, in the state of Oregon, they started a small family hat business called Columbia Hat Company that would end up in 1970 being one of the most powerful outdoor sports fashion brands in the world: Columbia Sportswear Company.

In a few years, Gert went from being a housewife to becoming the executive director of the company, and her uncompromising motherhood boss style caused her to emerge as a phenomenon lauded by media around the world. As a new leader in the market, Gert Boyle was quoted on front pages with her emblematic phrases, proclaiming her demanding and straightforward life principles, as she made clear with her unforgettable phrase "Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise". Gert was the first woman to be inducted into the Sporting Goods Association Hall of Fame and recorded her milestones in her autobiography "One Tough Mother", the title of which refers to Columbia's slogan "Tested Tough". After Gert Boyle's death in November 2019, her son Tim continues on as brand manager and her grandson Tim Boyle as president.

Top outdoor technology

Putting the focus on innovation to be at the forefront of the most advanced outdoor clothing, Columbia implements in its designs maximum performance technologies to keep you dry, warm, cool, and protected in any situation and under any weather condition. Its Omni-Heat 3D thermal protection retains the temperature of your body and provides total softness against your skin, also in lightweight clothing with TurboDown. Its reflective version incorporates small silver dots that reflect body heat. The OutDry Extreme system offers the best breathable waterproofing, with a hydroabsorbent inner layer. This care in craftsmanship, quality, and advanced technology have led Columbia to position itself as a benchmark brand in any outdoor sport, boasting historical firsts in this field and revolutionizing clothing for various outdoor activities. Its Bugaboo Parka gave a radical twist to ski clothing, and its PFG fishing collection marked a before and after in the game.

Sustainability and respect for nature

Columbia maintains its operations center in Portland manufacturing clothing, accessories,and footwear in the Pacific Northwest, an environment with an inspiring terrain. One of the brand's rules is to always pursue minimal environmental impact and the utmost respect for communities and consumers. This is demonstrated by its association with various organizations around the world and its donation program, with the goal of sharing its passion and extending its care for the environment. The brand does not accept requests for sponsorship or unsolicited donations, always trying to ensure its philanthropic intentions in its associations and causes. With Columbia, you'll always know where your products come from and the process and materials with which they have been created.



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