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Jordan Shoes

Jordan Shoes

Jordan sneakers have become legends in the sport, culture, and history of basketball. Ever since Michael Jordan began wearing them back in the 1980s, sneakerheads and collectors throughout the years have continued to be obsessed with them, as each Air Jordan inspires in a way that no other sneaker has or ever will, and it is undeniable that it will go on being one of the most recognized sneaker of all time throughout the generations.

Turbulence before take-off

The truth is that at first Michael Jordan always played in Converse and adidas shoes, but everything changed when Nike contacted him and offered him more than what the German brand was willing to give him. Nike wanted to make a deal with Michael Jordan at any cost, and at last they succeeded. The contract would not only mark a before and after in the star player's on-court style, but would create a world revolution in the field of sportswear and a milestone in the history of basketball. But it wasn't easy for the brand at first. Michael Jordan was a bit reluctant to wear Nike's first version of the Air Jordan I, claiming he would look like a clown with all those colors. After several retouches, the player ended up accepting them. But then, the Air Jordan suffered censorship by the NBA, being relegated to off-court use only for not following the NBA official dress code rules. It wouldn't be an easy start for the brand, but step by step the legend was being created.

Some fun facts

Did you know that a hybrid model was created between Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 2? The silhouette mixed elements of both models and sought to include increased cushioning in the design of the Air Jordan I, after Michael Jordan broke a foot bone during a game in 1985. Later came the Jordan II, a model whose origin is quite unknown to most. The Jordan 2 were manufactured with technology from Spain and Italy, with an aesthetics that, although designed in the United States, presented evident European influences. Next up was the Jordan 3, although we could also call them "Air Jordan Revolution". This is how they were temporarily named to emphasize the breakthrough of their design. It is with them that the iconic elephant print was born, which, by the way, is not just an style detail. The Elephant print of the Air Jordan III improved the performance of the model, making it more resistant to impacts and wear and tear. More fun facts you didn't know? The Jordan IV marked the beginning of Air Jordan Flight Club , formerly called the Air Jordan Fan Club, a new name with which His Airness fans were quite satisfied. For the Jordan 5 we could say many things, but we'll mention just this: doesn't it remind you of the transparent sole seen in the recent Nike Mag? Indeed, the design of the Air Jordan V by Tinker Hatfield was a key inspiration for it. In the case of the next, the Jordan VI, the aesthetic influence came from Italian cars, and the model in turn marked the foundation for the design of Batman's boots in the film "Batman Returns". With the Air Jordan VII we say goodbye to the Swoosh and with the Jordan XI, film director Spike Lee fell madly in love like never before with any other model. Each silhouette of Jordan, and each iteration, consists of endless fun facts about its design, history and journey into the future. And the list goes on with a wide variety of the most interesting information to keep any sneakerhead's attention. Now do you understand why Jordan sneakers are such legendary shoes?



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