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Reebok Iverson

Reebok Iverson

Reebok Iverson shoes embody the spirit of the legendary 76ers basketball player who continues to be an icon within basketball and streetwear culture and who lends his name to the line after signing a lifetime deal with the brand in 2001. The silhouette, made for basketball and perfect for the streetwear scene, is a combination of the retro past and the most cutting-edge future and is an essential piece of Allen Iverson's legacy.

Allen Iverson: beyond basketball

NBA Hall of Famer , 11-time NBA All-Star , named NBA Rookie of the year in 1997, NBA Most Valuable Player in 2001, and a long list of other titles and career achievements. The basketball player Allen Iverson boasts an impressive background on the court that has established him as one of the most powerful athletes of our time. But not only his influence on the court is what makes him so revered. Over the years, Iverson has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to overcome challenges, always seeking to improve and reach beyond others' expectations. Since his retirement in 2013, he's become a motivational speaker and influencer, admired by millions, his nickname "The Answer" is undoubtedly proof of his work ethic and attitude, not only basketball, but in life.

The beginning of an era

The Reebok Question first hit the market in 1996 as the first sneakers created for Allen Iverson by Reebok for Iverson's rookie season in which he was the number 1 pick in the NBA draft, chosen by the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers. The shoe has been re-released throughout the years in several colorways and in mid and hi versions and remains an iconic tribute to Iverson's rookie season. After an impressive first season, the Reebok Answer was released and each year was released in a series so that by the beginning of the new millennium, at the time of the release of the Answer V, it's success had already revolutionized the world of basketball in its entirety. The silhouette had Ultralight and DMX cushioning, a groundbreaking new system from the vector brand that featured very light weight materials of maximum resistance. The model, specially designed for Iverson, met all his requirements and solidified his legacy within the universe of urban fashion and streetwear. Iverson was a trendsetter on and off the court and his fans wanted to be just like him. His love for the game was undeniable and he was a clear embodiment of hip hop. He had a true underdog story as a kid who grew up in the projects in Hampton, Virginia, who eventually became one of the biggest stars the NBA has ever seen. In 2001, he received the league MVP award and led the Sixers to the NBA Finals. Today, the Reebok Iverson line has continued to expand its collection, including notable technological improvements with each release, while always maintaining the most authentic essence and combining the most daring retro-futurist style.

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